Obama Announces High Speed Rail Plan, Including a Line in Florida

Certain wingnuts think President Obama was born in Africa? Have they ever thought he might actually be European? First he tries and brings small bits of "socialism" that have been hall mark of many healthy, European democracies for decade, then he tries to shove soccer down our throats, and now he wants us to all ride around in fancy high speed trains like the Euros.

Remember when we wanted all went to the polls and voted for a High

Speed rail system? Well, if we weren't such flip-floppers and repealed

the thing in 2004 the first phase would have been done right about

now. The Florida High Speed Rail Authority has kept their eyes on a

line connecting Orlando and Tampa though, in hopes that one day it may

become a reality.

Well, President Obama announced today alongside Transportation

Secretary LaHood and Vice President Biden his administrations plans to

move forward with a high speed rail system as part of the recovery.

The proposed line in Florida would connect South Florida to the Orlando area, and then Orlando to Tampa Bay.

The President seems quite gung-ho on the idea:

"What we need, then, is a smart transportation system equal to the

needs of the 21st century.  A system that reduces travel times and

increases mobility.  A system that reduces congestion and boosts

productivity.  A system that reduces destructive emissions and creates


"What we're talking about is a vision for high-speed rail in

America.  Imagine boarding a train in the center of a city.  No racing

to an airport and across a terminal, no delays, no sitting on the

tarmac, no lost luggage, no taking off your shoes. 

Imagine whisking through towns at speeds over 100 miles an hour,

walking only a few steps to public transportation, and ending up just

blocks from your destination.  Imagine what a great project that would

be to rebuild America.

"Now, all of you know this is not some fanciful, pie-in-the-sky

vision of the future.  It is now.  It is happening right now.  It's

been happening for decades.  The problem is it's been happening

elsewhere, not here. "

And now it seems that it may very well happen here.