Lewis Black Cancelled, Jay Leno to Perform at Hard Rock December 30

The Lewis Black Show scheduled for Thursday night at Hollywood's Hard Rock Live has been cancelled. The grinchy one is ill. That's the bad news.

Or maybe it's the good news. Black will be replaced in the 8 p.m. show by Tonight Show veteran Jay Leno. Tickets for the show, which go for anywhere from $44 to $104, can be purchased at the Hard Rock or through Ticketmaster.

Leno, as you may remember, was briefly replaced by Conan O'Brien in the NBC late night sweepstakes, something the Associated Press recently voted the story of the year. The reason was largely studio muckety-muck Jeff Zucker's stupidity.

Ever since winning his role back, Leno was been on something of a roll, with improving ratings and better guests. He won't be as nasty as Black, just about no one is, And he may be more appropriate for an older, more staid crowd, But hell. it's New year's Eve and you'll be tipsy and wandering around a casino. What could be more appropriate?

Tickets for Black will be honored. If you want a refund, see the folks who sold you the ticket in the first place.

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