Jacqui Colyer Resigns as Regional Head of DCF Months After Barahona Murder

Jacqui Colyer, the Miami regional director for the Department of Children and Families, has resigned just a little over two years since taking the job. Her department and handling of the job came under fire after the body of 10-year-old Nubia Barahona was found stuffed in a bag, covered in chemical burns and bruises, in the back of her adoptive father's pick-up truck. Subsequent investigations revealed there were plenty of red flags suggesting abuse at the Barahona home, yet the department never took action until it was too late.

Colyer was appointed to the job back in February of 2009 by Gov. Charlie Crist's DCF secretary.

"We're pleased to have Jacqui join our dedicated team of public servants," said DCF George H. Secretary Sheldon. "I'm confident that her well-rooted ties in the community, experience, history of volunteerism and dedication to improving the quality of life for our families will be a great asset to the Department and our clients."

She had previously worked for the non-profit Our Kids Inc., but her qualifications to lead the DCF in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties were always under question.

Her leadership came under fire after the tragic Barahona death, a murder many feel could have been avoided if her department did its job correctly and removed Nubia and her twin brother from the Barahona home after numerous red flags.

Though the DCF received an anonymous tip that Nubia Barahona and her twin brother were being bound and locked in a bathroom, the department never followed up on the tip or notified police during the investigation. In fact, a DCF investigator likely visited the home the same day Jorge Barahona beat his daughter to death. But despite numerous tips and warnings, DCF had decided there were "no safety threats present at this time."

Coyler was placed on probation after the investigation but now has officially resigned.

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