Store Clerks Kill Man with Crowbar After Being Taunted with Racial Slurs

Two store clerks allegedly killed a man who entered their store and began verbally assaulting them with racial slurs late yesterday afternoon. The verbal argument soon escalated into physical violence, and eventually four employees began attacking the man as an off-duty corrections officer and other patrons tried to defuse the situation. One of the clerks hit the man on top of his head with a crowbar which killed him.

UPDATE: According to police, the victim called the clerk a "fucking Arab," and told him he'd "fuck his mothers and sister." Click through for the arrest report.

The incident occurred yesterday around 5:45 p.m. at a Quick Stop store at 9720 SW 168th Street.

Akillarve Oliver, 34, entered the store and began yelling at the store clerks. Police believed that Oliver felt one of the clerks owed him money. Update: NBCMiami reports that Oliver felt he was shortchanged by the clerk for a total of seven cents. 

He threw a few racial slurs at the employee, told him to go back to his country, and suggested several things he'd like to do with the clerk's mother and sisters. The insulted clerk's last name appears to be of Middle Eastern decent.

An off-duty Miami-Dade Corrections officer was on the scene and managed to calm Oliver down enough to get him to leave the store.

But Oliver came back into the store and launched into his insults once again. The corrections officer once again began to escort him out, but one of the clerks, 19-year-old Nabil Sulaiman, grabbed a bottle and hit Oliver over the head with it.

That is when the situation went out of control, and three other store employees began to attack Oliver.

Ragheb M. Sulaiman, 24, allegedly grabbed a crowbar and struck Oliver over the head. The strike killed him.

Ragheb M. Sulaiman is being charged with second degree murder, while Nabil is being charged with aggravated assault. Ragheb is being held without bail, while Nabil's bond is set at $10,000.

Here's the arrest report, which details the verbal sparring before Oliver's death: