Ricky Williams Says Weed Was to Him What Spinach Is to Popeye

I'm Ricky the football man, I'm Ricky the football man.

I gots lot of speed 'cause I smokes me my weed.

I'm Ricky the football man.

Don't mind us. We're just writing Ricky Williams' new theme song. The former Miami Dolphins who was frequently suspended and disciplined for his marijuana use decided to set the record straight about the effects of his pot use. An interviewer for Campus Insider likened his pot use to an Achilles heel, but Ricky said it was more like spinach to Popeye.

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Ricky, by the way, is now the part-time running backs coach at the University of Incarnate Word. Hold on -- let us make sure that's a real university. Apparently it is. It's a Catholic school of all types. A Catholic school where he sleeps part time in a dorm room with superhero bedsheets.

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