Pamela Anderson Wants To Dress You Up In Her Love

I don't really understand how all these club kids find themselves orbiting around Pamela Anderson. Last time she was in Miami she showed up pants-less with photographer David LaChapelle at Basel, and this week she was in attendance for glitter happy designer Richie Rich's fashion show at one of the various fashion weeks going on. The only explanation I can fathom is that they walk up to her thinking she's another fake breasted blond, tranny icon Amanda Lapore, and from there strike up a friendship. 

Anyway, while in Miami, Pam, a woman who wore a white bikini to various weddings she attended as the bride, announced she will be designing her own fashion line with Rich. It's an all eco-friendly line of leatherfree shoes, swimwear, and casual wear.

Anderson is best known for not wearing clothes, but has dipped her toes in the world of fashion before, most recently starring in an ad campaign for Vivienne Westwood.