Magic City Kitty: Could My Baby Get a Reality Show?

Hello, Kitty: All of this talk about celebrities having babies has my wife really wanting to conceive, but I don't think we're ready. Hell, I'm not ready. We've been married for three years and both of us have steady jobs, but I'm 26 and she's 24. I want to enjoy the rest of my 20s before a baby is thrown into the picture! She seems to think that because Nicole Richie and now that Kardashian girl are having kids, it's cute and will be easy. She's an only child who has no concept of how hard this will make our lives. She realizes those rich people have money to hire 'round-the-clock help, but that hasn't changed her mind. I'm wondering how long it will be until she "forgets" to take her birth control pill and I get the, "Oops, we're pregnant" announcement. Please help. I love my wife and eventually want to have kids, but not now.

Noh Bebibump

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