Hooker's Revenge: Former Corrections Officer Arrested for Posting Sex Video with Unpaid Prostitute Online

Nicholas R. Fornaro, a 26-year-old former corrections officer in Punta Gorda, Florida, hired a 43-year-old hooker last September, but when it came time to pay, he fessed up that he didn't have the money. Instead, he gave the woman a shark tooth. A week later, the prostitute's own brother called her up to let him know that she was now the star of an amateur porn video posted online. Turned out Fornaro had secretly recorded the rendezvous.

According to NBC2, Fornaro contacted Michelle O'Neill after she placed an online ad. The two had agreed that Fornaro would supply $60 in "gas money" so O'Neill could get home after their tryst, but when time came to pay up Fornaro admitted he didn't have the cash.

Instead, he decided to pay O'Neill with a shark tooth apparently worth $60. Which sounds like the most Florida thing ever. Can you even imagine how that exchange went down?

"Yeah, sorry. I don't actually have the cash, but, uh, I totally got this awesome shark tooth. It's like from some ancient dinosaur shark or something. I'm sure you could pawn it for $60, or it would look real badass as a necklace."

O'Neill agreed to take the tooth.

A week later, O'Neill got a call from her brother. Turns out that a secret video of her and Fornaro sexcapade had been posted online. That's a discussion I hope that very few brothers and sisters ever need to have.

"Hey, sis, uh... saw you fucking online."

"That shark tooth motherfucker!"

O'Neill lawyered up and decided to press charges. She had no idea she was being recorded and never saw video equipment.

She also contacted Fornaro. He apologized and claimed he didn't think she would mind. We mean, sure, hookers who accept shark's teeth as payment may not mind much, but they don't want it posted all over the Internet, thank you very much.

Fornaro has worked as a corrections officer but had in the meantime resigned and moved to Maryland.

That didn't stop local police from arrested him on charges of video voyeurism and distribution of obscene material.

O'Neill was not charged for the incident, but had been arrested in November on unrelated prostitution charges.

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