Raising the Speed Limit to 75 Is Ludicrous; Lower It to 55

My God! Rick Scott did something right.

Florida's governor announced yesterday he will veto a bill, approved by the state Senate and House, that would raise the speed limit on much oft the state's highway system.

Though law enforcement mostly supported the plan -- Scott proposed the veto after attending the funeral of a state trooper -- support wasn't unanimous. The Sun-Sentinel editorial board suggested that road planners ought to have the chance to consider it.

But hey, a guy named Tim Castleman of the Drive 55 Conservation Project contends a driver would save only ten minutes going 80 miles per hour instead of 55 on a 30-mile trip in the average car, but would spend $3.20 more for gas.

Check out his video:

Indeed, Sen. John Warner of Virginia suggested reinstating a federal speed limit a few years ago. And a Rasmussen poll shows 33 percent of voters would support reducing the limit to 55, as was done in the 1970s.

Hell, in Miami, some motorists already drive that slowly anyway.

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