Nicole Richie and Daughter Ambushed at MIA

Slow news day. Let's see what's going on in the celebrity Twittersphere!

Nicole Richie, her daughter, and Joel Madden, that guy she dates who's in that band with his twin brother Nelson The Proclaimers Tegan & Sara Good Charlotte are vacationing in Miami, but their trip got of to a bad start when paparazzi ambushed them at Miami International Airport. Madden was so angry about it he couldn't help but take to his twitter:

I get annoyed when people complain about photogs too, i mean leaving clubs and restaraunts you gotta expect it. But this was just wrong
9:17 PM May 4th from web

These guys were sticking flashes in her face and bumping in to us and yelling. The most unneccessary force i've ever seen.
9:15 PM May 4th from web

it was the first time i've ever seen my child scared. Not cool for any parent to see. At least in LA they gave us some space.
9:13 PM May 4th from web

Let me just say shame on any magazine or blog that post pics of us in the miami airport. The photographers were acting like animals.
9:12 PM May 4th from web

Joel will be glad to know that this blog will not be posting these photos, partially because we don't have the money, but mostly because we're really not all that interested in seeing airport photos.

Nicole Richie, the small magical, fashion elf that she is, stopped by Regis & Kelly's stint at the Fontainebleau, and apaprently she's pregnant with another child that will be mercefullsly harassed by the paparzzi. So sad.  

Anyway let's see if we can put a newsy sping on this: Considering so many industries in Miami thrive by inviting celebs down here, should the airport take more action to ensure that they have their privacy? Or should MIA worry about fixing some of its millions of other problems first?