Florida Man Arrested After His Grandson Walks In On Him Having Sex with a Dog

Eugene Hickman, 54, of DeFuniak Springs, Florida, may become one of the first people prosecuted under Florida's new anti-bestiality laws. Though, whatever punishment he gets is probably nothing compared to the years of therapy his poor grandson is going to have to go through. Yeah, Hickman was caught after his grandson walked in and saw him nude on top of the family dog.

The boy's name and age were not released, but, according to reports, he witnessed his grandfather trying to have sex with the family's 3-year-old female bulldog. He then alerted his father, who called the cops.

Hickman told police that he knew what he did was wrong, and promised not to do it again. Though that promise wasn't quite good enough, and he was booked for a third degree felony charge of animal cruelty.

The police report also mentioned that this was not the first time someone had witnessed grandpa trying to get down with the family dog.

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