Dismembered Body Case: Police Are Looking for a Man Named 'Nacho'

Do you know a black Hispanic guy named "Nacho"? Does he drive a black or mustard-colored SUV and hang out in Little Havana?

If the answer is yes, the police would like to speak with you pronto. "Nacho" is a "person of interest" in the Osben Laparra case, Officer Kenia Alfonso, a Miami Police Department spokeswoman, tells Riptide.

Laparra, in case you slept through all of last week, washed ashore out of Biscayne Bay over the course of three days beginning last Wednesday. The 21-year-old Guatemalan construction worker had been murdered, hacked to pieces, tied up into plastic bags, and tossed into the water.

Laparra was last seen partying on Calle Ocho May 30. If you have any information -- or you know where to find "Nacho" -- call police at 305-471-TIPS.

Update: The good news: Police have found "Nacho." The bad news: He's not the culprit. "The person of interest, 'Nacho,' has been located and ruled out as a suspect," Det. Willie Moreno wrote in an email to Riptide a few moments ago.