It Is Truly the Future: BCS Championship to Be Shot in 3-D

We do not have jet packs yet, but we have iPhones, a black president, and

now football broadcast in 3-D!
Fox and Sony have announced that next

month's BCS Championship game between the Gators and the Sooners at

Dolphin Stadium will be shot in 3-D.

Obviously, even the most expensive flat-screen

HDTV will not be able to get the 3-D signal. Instead, the game will be

broadcast to specially equipped movie theaters (the nearest of which is

in Port St. Lucie, much farther than the actual game itself). And yes, viewers will have to wear special goofy glasses, but it's less like Jaws 3D and more like that Spider-Man ride at Islands of Adventure.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder