Suleiman Yousef Wins Bare Knuckle MMA Grudge Match at Dada 5000's Gym (Video)

​Over the weekend, Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000 -- the Perrine-based Kimbo Slice protege trying to bring backyard fighting into the mainstream -- invited Riptide to watch a grudge match between a pair of dudes who don't like each other one bit. Instead of a backyard, this bout went down inside the steel padded cage inside Harris' Brawlers Extreme MMA & Boxing Academy in Perrine. A pair of MMA trainers were having a war of words over who was the better teacher, and the beef escalated into the type of challenge that used to go down after school.

Suleiman "Hardcore" Yousef, head instructor and owner of Monsters Training Center in South Miami, showed up 30 minutes early for his bare knuckle brawl against Manuel Mancini, an instructor from another school.

We put together a video of the only-in-Miami tussle. Check it out after the jump.

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