Charlie Crist Accuses Marco Rubio of Back Waxing

Charlie Crist went on Greta Van Susteren's Fox News show to talk about the allegations brought up in yesterday's negative front-page New York Times story about his controversial deal that might or might not "save the Everglades."

We didn't learn much from the interview, other than that Crist dropped religious allusions a lot before Susteren moved on to Rubio. Crist, of course, jumped on the credit card scandal and jokingly suggested Rubio got his back waxed on the party's dime, which brought up a bizarre back-and-forth about Rubio's charges at a high-end barbershop.

Crist also tried to cast himself as an anti-metrosexual by stating, "I don't know what you do at a salon when you are a guy."

Video and transcript after the jump.

From the Buzz:

CRIST: He's trying to pawn himself off as a fiscal conservative. And yet just in recent weeks, two weeks ago it has come out in news accounts he had a Republican Party of Florida credit card that he charged $130 haircut, or maybe it was a back wax -- we are not sure what all he got at that place.

VAN SUSTEREN: Wait a second, stop. A back wax? Wait a second.

CRIST: I don't know what it was, you know?

VAN SUSTEREN: I know, but was there a suggestion it was for a back wax or are you being flip?

CRIST: I don't know what it was. Initially we were told it was a haircut. And then he said it wasn't a haircut. Then he had the gall to go on Neil Cavuto's show and said it was his money. It was a credit card from the Republican Party. It was party donors' money.

The detachment from reality is stunning to me. And to try to say that you're a fiscal conservative, yet you spend $130 for maybe a haircut and maybe other things, I don't know what you do at a salon when you are a guy.

I get my haircut for $11 from a guy named Carl the Barber in St. Petersburg, Florida where I grew up. And to me that's real fiscal conservatism.