Miami's Men: Not So Hard Working, and That's OK With Us

Take it easy, buddy

The fellas over at Men’s Health have put together a list of America’s most (and least) hardworking cities for men. The rankings are based on the number of residents who actually work, the amount of overtime they put in, commute times, stress-related health issues, and unused vacation days.

Whew. That’s a lot of work. What city do they live in? Anyway, with #100 being the most hard-working, Miami boys came in at an under-achieving #29. We came in behind New York City, which is going strong at a surprising #37. But still we’re 78 paces behind the hardest working city in the U.S.: Manchester, New Hampshire. But hell, is that a title we even want to hold? Thanks to Men’s Health for seeing the glass as half-empty. Our guys actually like being the 29th most laid-back city. Manchester can have their “going postal” and late nights at the office. Meanwhile you can catch our dudes on the beach with something pretty, nursing a cold one. --Raina McLeod