Rick Scott and Rick Perry Neck and Neck in "Worst Governor Ever" Contest

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has sprung to a surprising lead in the Transport Workers of America's race for the "Worst Governor Ever," but just like he's done in the Republican presidential primary, Texas Gov. Rick (Perry) is hot on Scott's tail. In the real world, this is probably not a distinction either Rick wants, but in the world of Internet spoofs, the two are fighting for the honor via Skype.

Sure, these soft-faced stand-ins don't quite capture the stern, haunting features of either Governor Rick, but they'll do in a pinch.

Both have surpassed other rivals such as Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Ohio's John Kasich, Arizona's Jan Brewer, and another Rick, Michigan's Gov. Rick Snyder.

Of course, this contest could just as well work as "Worst Rick Ever." Though, Santorum and Sanchez might make a run for the top in that race.

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