Pet Dog Killed by Crocodile In Front of Owners

In today's news roundup: A beloved pet dog is eaten by a crocodile, six people are arrested for mortgage fraud, a cat burglar terrorizes homestead, and apparently a dog bite is news. 

"He's, like, the cutest, sweetest dog ever. He's gone, and it's horrible. The way he died was horrible. Horrible. I don't know if my uncle told you. It was horrible. He got him. He kept him in his mouth for two hours. It was horrible," Adriana Salcedo tells WSVN of her deceased dog, and yes, it was horrible.

Lucas a Jack Russel terrier was drowned after being held underwater by a crocodile attack in Coral Gables. Authorities are reviewing the situation, and determining if the crocodile needs to be removed from the area.

"We see him with the dog in his mouth. They say, the dog is too big to eat it right away," a witness told the news station said of seeing the crocodile still carrying the dead dog in its mouth hours after the attack. [WSVN]

  • Meanwhile, apparently news is slow enough to report on a dog bite. A woman in Miami-Dade was attacked by a dog this morning and walked away with a bandaged ankle. [Herald]
  • Six South Floridians have been arrested in a mortgage scam that netted them around $2 million. [Herald]
  • Police in Homestead have warned residents of a possible cat burglar, after more the criminal has hit up more than a dozen homes. [WSVN]
  • The names of the five people who died in a car crash near the Metro Zoo after fleeing from police have been released. [Herald]