Montel Williams, Your TV Friend, Tells You To Vote for Medical Marijuana

Remember your TV friend Montel Williams? He hosted a daytime tabloid talk show for nearly 20 years. Not the one with the white cousins fighting over dwarf boyfriends (that was Jerry), or the one where men found out if they contributed genetic material that helped make a baby (Maury), or the one with drag queens in love (that was your ol' TV friend Ricki). He was the other one. He had a psychic on his show a lot, I think. Shocking secrets were probably revealed. Crying happened.

Anyway, Montel is here to tell you that the woman who cleans your house is actually your long lost biological mother the dork who had a crush on you in high school is now super hot and wants to rub it in your face to vote yes on medical marijuana.

"Yes On 2" has recruited the former TV host, and sent out a fund-raiser plea to supporters today in which Williams chronicled his own use of medical marijuana to combat the effects of multiple sclerosis.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. This disease, which attacks the nervous system, affects people in many different ways.

For me, it has produced a variety of symptoms - one of which is neuropathic pain - which I have been able to mitigate with medical marijuana. Opiate medication doesn't work for me.

The benefits of medical marijuana - shared by so many patients nationwide and supported by physicians from Dr. Gupta to Dr. Oz to multiple medical organizations nationwide - are well established. What isn't established, yet, is the right of Florida's seriously sick and injured patients to access it with the recommendation of their doctor.

That's where you come in: Beyond voting Yes, we need you to help with a contribution to the Yes on 2 campaign.

Williams has been in the political headlines before this month after he spoke before Congress and broke down in tears pleading the president to help release a marine who is being held in jail in Mexico after crossing the border with weapons.

Williams has also long been open about his own use of medicinal pot, and once opened his own high-end dispensary.

So far "No On 2" has not asked any of your old TV pals to tell you to vote no on the amendment.

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