Did Ozzie Guillen Just Announce His Retirement from Twitter?

Is one of baseball's biggest Twitter addicts calling it quits? Ozzie Guillen just posted a cryptic Tweet suggesting it was his last one ever. If true, it suggests that it really is a new era for Ozzie. One in which he'll be keeping his mouth closed more often and most of his thoughts to himself. This is not good for news for our blog fodder machine.

It seems that Guillen is still smarting from the comments he made about Fidel Castro in April. In fact, his Twitter account had laid dormant for about a month after news of the comments broke. He started Tweeting again just last week, but it appears he may be done with the service.

Guillen was at one point such an avid Twitter user that he once conducted an interview with GQ through the social network.

Of course, Guillen has been uncharacteristically low key since the Castro comment. Though, he did slip into his old self when he told a radio reporter to "fucking grow up," after the reporter asked about the comments.

Luckily the controversy hasn't appeared to hurt the Marlins on the field. The team has gone 7-3 in their last ten games. That's a better last-ten streak than any other team in the entire MLB.

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