Trading Turkey for Crack

If the Kramer vs. Kramer movie script had been written in finger

paint and then dunked in a vile of LSD, it would be a lot like Victor-Hugo

Vaca's online graphic novel Crackhead Jesus.

In the story, the Miami artist satirizes his own courtroom experiences

to point out the nastiness of the justice system. The Naval

officer-turned-painter juxtaposes quotes from his own case with

fictional courtroom appearances from, for example, Prince and Jesus Christ.

So voila!, Miami. Now that we're done with turkey and we'll be

on to baby Jesus for the next month, here's the Savior in a setting

outside the manger. The story is a trip: unusual, slightly offensive, and,

yes, wrought with conspiracy theory. The title of the novel comes from

a situation that prompted Vaca's case, in which the artist says he had

to evict a drug-addicted tenant who thought he was the son of God.

"I make it so outlandish that it's clearly parody," Vaca says about the

art. "That way I'm safe from slander." But not everybody is laughing, and

he has thoroughly pissed off the judge and opposing council.

Vaca now adds, "The powers that be are trying to censor me." Riptide is checking out if there's any validity to this. More later.