Pam Bondi Hands Daily Show Reporter a Cup of Her "Urine"

Daily Show reporters aren't that used to politicians outsmarting them, so kudos to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi for staying one step ahead of the political pranksters.

After Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi asked Gov. Rick Scott for a cup of his urine yesterday, Bondi must have been tipped off she'd be the next target. She came prepared.

"You supported the TANF drug test bill, and I am just wondering if today you would be willing to undergo a drug test of your own as somebody who receives taxpayer money?" Mandvi asked Bondi this morning after her news conference announcing her opposition to casinos.

"Wow. That's very interesting. Well, that's very interesting that you should say that. Because as attorney general, I'm always prepared," Bondi replied, according to the Palm Beach Post. She then handed Mandvi a supposed urine sample.

"You have a sample of your urine?" Mandvi replied. "How do we know it's your urine? How do we know it's not just apple juice?"

Mandvi uncapped the cup later and discovered it was indeed apple juice. No word on whether he drank it.

"We certainly tuned in to Governor Scott's press conference yesterday announcing the budget, and when we knew Comedy Central was here, we anticipated they would be interested in attending our press conference as well and planned accordingly," Bondi's spokeswoman Jennifer Meale confirmed to the Post.

Amazingly, other Florida politicians have turned over their actual urine to Mandvi, including Reps. Joseph Abruzzo (D-Wellington), Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg), Scott Randolph (D-Orlando), and Jose Felix Diaz (R-Miami).

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