A “Dark Day” for Miami-Dade Police

Today feels like the “Darkest Day,” the name Miami-Dade Police have coined for the day in early Seventies when a trio of auto-theft detectives were shot and killed. But, today, authorities are hunting for Shawn Sherwin LaBeet, the 25-year-old suspected of shooting four officers -- killing one -- in Cutler Bay during a traffic stop Thursday morning. LaBeet was mistakenly identified as another man until about 4 p.m., according to police.

Miami-Dade Police spokeswoman Kathy Webb says she wasn’t sure if there was a link between Thursday’s shooting and recent violence toward police in Broward County (one officer was badly injured and Sgt. Chris Reyka was killed). “I cannot tell you to be quite honest.” All officers are in a state of heightened altertness, she says.

“This is a huge manhunt and one of the largest we have ever conducted,” Webb says. “Right now, our focus is this guy. Anyone that knows him, we need him.”

--Janine Zeitlin