New Charlie's Angels TV Pilot to Film in Miami

In a blow to those who prefer Hollywood churn out an original idea every once in a while but a possible boon to the Miami film industry, ABC is said to be working on a pilot for a TV reboot of the well worn Charlie's Angels franchise. Deadline Hollywood reports that ABC has already ordered a pilot for the new series, and it is likely to film in Miami this January.

Plans for a new series have been in development hell for years, but a new script penned by the creators of Smallville have spurred ABC to move ahead with the project. Drew Barrymore (who starred in the film version) is set as one of the producers.&

However the new series will include a brand new set of angels. MovieHole.net claims to have gotten a hold of the pilot script:

The series doesn't feature the 'Angels' from either the original series nor the feature films.

We've got Abby Sampson (Caucasian. Former teenage criminal, now the spring-chicken of the Angel's), Kate Prince (African-American ex-cop) and Marisa Valdez (Latino. The rookie, former marine). And of course, Bosley.

The also say that unlike the original series and movie franchise, the reboot will likely stay away from camp and play as a straight crime fighting series.

What Movie Hole doesn't mention is whether or not the series is actually set in Miami. They mention that the pilot plots centers around finding a body in a vineyard, and we sure don't have those here. The original series and movies were set in Southern California. With CSI: Miami and Dexter passing off that area as Miami, could there be an interesting bit of table turning with SoFla standing in for SoCal?

Of course, just because they're shooting the pilot here doesn't guarantee the entire series will be shot here (if it even gets the greenlight) but even a well funded one-time shoot should be a boon to the area's film industry.