Marco Rubio Would Love Sarah Palin's Endorsement

Asked if he would welcome the support of former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Rubio offers an unqualified yes, adding that "I can't think of anything her and I disagree with off the top of my head."

Above, you'll find the Real Clear Politics Florida polling averages from the 2008 Presidential election. You'll notice John McCain had a healthy lead for most of the summer. Highlighted is the day Sarah Palin was announced as his vice presidential candidate. You'll notice a sizable post-convention "Pitbull in Lipstick" speech bump, and then a sharp and severe decline, which, perhaps coincidently, coincided with a number of Palin fumbles. Obama would take the lead in Florida polls for the first time in the election. A lead that remained until November 4.

Due in large part to a Palin endorsement, Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman took the polling lead in a special congressional election in New York (one that many people saw as having close parallels to Florida's Senate race), but he too ended up losing.

You might remember, though, Governor Crist spoke on the phone with Sarah Palin this summer shortly before she announced she would resign. The details of the conversation never emerged, but some speculate Crist was seeking her endorsement as well.