Maurice Ferre Accuses Crist of Rothstein Pay-to-Play Deal

Comically tacky, evil lawyer-clown Scott Rothstein turned himself into the FBI today (if you're not up to date on it, our Broward New Times brother Bob Norman is writing the equivalent of a book about it on his blog), but he's also found himself in the middle of a lot of nasty insinuations in Florida politics. 

The latest comes from former Miami mayor and seemingly longshot Democratic Senate candidate Maurice Ferre. He accuses Rothstein and leading Republican Senate candidate Gov. Charlie Crist of a pay-to-play deal and has called for an investigation. 

Said Ferre's campaign: "State campaign finance records show a troubling pattern of large contributions from Mr. Rothstein and immediate and subsequent appointments of Judges to the Fourth District Court of Appeals," said Ferre, a former six-term mayor of Miami. "Is this pattern a coincidence? Could it indicate real corruption in the Judicial nominating process and raise legitimate questions about a possibility of Crist's integrity and his fitness to govern?" 

...Crist appointed Rothstein to the 4th DCA Judicial nominating commission on August 25, 2008, four days before Rothstein contributed $140,000 to the RPOF.Rothstein and his firm gave $100,000 to the RPOF on January 26, 2009. Crist appointed Judges Carlos Rodriguez and Barbara McCarthy two days later. Ferre also questioned Crist's appointment of Spencer Levine to an appellate judgeship in the 4th circuit, saying Rothstein pushed his appointment despite lack of judicial experience.

Crist says the allegations are "absurd." 

Crist and Rothstein have a long history together, but Rothstein has also contributed to Democratic candidates. 

Maybe we shouldn't totally dismiss Ferre's line of thought, but he is in a position where he desperately needs to make some waves and get noticed if he wants to succeed in his Senate quest.