Two Cases of Swine Flu Confirmed in Florida: One in Broward

Gov. Charlie Crist announced today that two cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Florida: a 17-year-old teenage girl who attended Hallendale High School in Broward County and an elementary school boy in Lee County. Earlier, we reported that the 20 suspected cases of H1N1 in Miami-Dade all came back negative.

The Center for Disease Control also reports that the virus lacks the genes that made previous pandemics so deadly.

"We do not see the markers for virulence that were seen in the 1918 virus," says CDC flu chief Dr. Nancy Cox.

The World Health Organization also reports that the virus does not currently seem to present the danger of a world-wide pandemic.

While we don't know if the case in Orlando that WFTV jumped the gun on reporting is negative, it seems that a positive result in that case would have been reported by now.