LeBron James Likes Appletinis, And Other Revelations From a Cleveland Waitress

The world already knows that LeBron James is a shitty tipper, thanks to the investigative sleuths of the Cleveland Scene. A few years ago, that alt-weekly newspaper exposed that The King left a ten dollar gratuity on an $800 steakhouse bill for himself and teammates.

Now the Scene has published the highlights of a Diane Sawyer-ish interview with a former waitress from that restaurant, XO Prime Steaks, who has some groundbreaking revelations about LeBron's dining proclivities. Most notably, he prefers a cocktail enjoyed by the Sex And The City ladies.

Here's how LeBron gets down at the steakhouse:

He tries to get around the automatic gratuity for large groups by claiming he's "not with" the other people at his table.

He demands that the waitstaff chop up his steak for him, and even once sent spaghetti back to the kitchen to be cut into smaller pieces.

He drinks appletinis. Appletinis! The only Appletini Michael Jordan knows is a stripper in Milwaukee.

So, Miami servers -- especially the pitiable waitstaff at Red, which is said to be LeBron's local favorite -- bring us your stories of abuse. Does he make you swish Cosmopolitans in your mouth before spitting them into his gaping maw?

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