Dwyane Wade Dressed as Justin Timberlake for Halloween

Dwyane Wade's main goal in life right now is to bring championship rings back to Miami, but this Halloween, he found time in his busy schedule to bring sexy back. That's right: He dressed up as Justin Timberlake, complete with "whiteface." No word on whether his girlfriend, Gabrielle Union, wore a matching Jessica Biel costume.

Wade hired Yessica Andrea Inc. to do his makeup, and of course the Internet being what is, the pictures wound up on Twitter. We're not really sure what party Wade attended.

We're also not sure if this is actually supposed to be Justin Timberlake or, as one tweet puts it, his "alter ego" that just happens to be "a @jtimberlake look alike."

Here are pictures of the transformation from Layce305's Plixi account.

Is whiteface controversial? Is that a thing? Jezebel doesn't seem to be enraged yet, and the folks there get mad anytime anyone (including Rihanna) paints his or her body. As a white person almost as pale as Wade's final look, I am not offended. Not nearly as much as I am creeped out by it, anyway.