Miami New Times Wins Dozen Green Eyeshade Awards

Miami News Times won 12 awards in the recently announced Green Eyeshade Awards, which recognizes excellence in journalism in 11 Southeastern states.

In the non-daily division, Tim Elfrink took first place awards in business, technology, public affairs, and politics reporting, as well as second place in court reporting and third place in investigative reporting. Gus Garcia-Roberts's story, "Blow Hard," was named best entry overall in the non-daily division, as well as best feature story.

Staff writer Mike Miller also took a first in sportswriting. And Francisco Alvarado, food critic Lee Klein, and editor Chuck Strouse grabbed seconds in public service, criticism, and serious commentary respectively.

Check out the winning stories, which appeared on the web under different headlines:

WINNER in BEST OF DIVISION NONDAILIES and FIRST in Feature Writing--Nondailies

"Blow Hard" by Gus Garcia-Roberts

FIRST in Public Affairs Reporting--Nondailies, SECOND in Courts & The Law Reporting--Nondailies and THIRD in Investigative Reporting--Nondailies

"Disorderly Conduct" by Tim Elfrink

FIRST in Business Reporting--Nondailies

"Hurricane Nevin" by Tim Elfrink

FIRST in Technology Reporting--Nondailies

"Hack Pack" by Tim Elfrink

FIRST in Politics Reporting--Nondailies

"Tea Party Pretty Boy" by Tim Elfrink

FIRST in Sports Reporting--Nondailies

"Ghetto to Gridiron" by Michael Miller

SECOND in Serious Commentary--Nondailies

"Terrorist with Friends; School of Hard Knocks; Forgotten War Hero, parts 1 - 3" by

Chuck Strouse

SECOND in Public Service--Nondailies

"Death Row" by Francisco Alvarado


"Style Over Steak; Flapjack Flip-Off X; Gigi Ingenuity" by Lee Klein