Florida Man with "Sniper" Tattoo Wandered Into Middle School and Asked For a Beer

We could assemble the greatest minds the world has to offer, and we don't think anyone could come up with a reasonable answer for what the hell Anthony Edward Warn thought he was doing.

Warn, 32, apparently wandered into a middle school in Gainesville while sporting a tattoo that read "Sniper" and asked for a beer.

Warn has no connections to Kanapaha Middle School, but wandered in on Wednesday and interrupted a physical education class of about 100 kids. When approached by staff he asked for food and some beer.

Aside from the obvious safety issues, who the hell thinks they're going to find beer at a middle school?

Of course, the safety issues are obviously more pressing.

"How does a person off the street make it into a (school) courtyard and a PE class with 100 students without being stopped, questioned and law enforcement being alerted quicker?" sheriff's Sgt. Todd Kelly told The Gainesville Sun.

"If this guy was armed and had intentions of harming students, he was never confronted until he was already in the presence of all of these students."

Warn was promptly arrested without incident for trespassing.

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