Teen Boys Tried to Drown Shih Tzu in Canal By Tying Bricks to Its Legs

A 3-year-old Shih Tzu survived a brutal attack on Saturday by a gang of teenage boys thanks to a vigilant passerby. According to WSVN, Carlos Torres witnessed a group of boys trying to drown the dog in a canal in Miami Lakes when he jumped in to save it. The dog required surgery that cost $1500 after the attack, and animal advocates are trying to raise the funds.

Torres told the news station that he witnessed the boys torturing the dog. They tied two bricks to its hind leg and stuffed it in a bag before throwing the pooch in a canal near  Northwest 183rd Street and 57th Avenue.

"That's when I ran the light, stopped and noticed there was a dog inside the bag," Torres said. "I couldn't believe what they were doing, so I threw myself inside the canal, took the dog out, removed her out of the bag and removed the bricks from the dog."

Torres took the dog to a veterinarian, who discovered that bones in one of the dog's hind legs had been completely shattered and would require surgery. Though, that surgery cost $1500, and until then the dog can't properly walk. Advocates are hoping to raise the money through Fur Angels Rescue