Who Leads The Lead?

For those of you media gossips who are particularly curious, we've got a mock-up of the masthead for The Lead, the soon-to-debut weekly targeting Miami Beach.  

A former SunPost editor is listed as the executive editor, while former SunPost writer Lee Molloy is shown in the dual role of co-publisher and senior writer. Another former SunPost contributer, Michael Menchero, joins them as creative director; Patti Fanucci handles sales; Matt Heien is listed as publicist; and Richard M. Brooks (who has also contributed to SP) is the staff photog. 

We're also hearing the first issue will debut May 13. 

As for the SunPost, we haven't seen an issue for the past two weeks. Not that we've been looking that hard, but tipsters are telling us the same thing. The paper's website, though, proclaims a new version is coming soon and links to the SP's blog, which hasn't been updated since September. 

And in response to every other email we get about the state of local alt-weeklies with a bit of "maybe New Times can start reporting its own slow death too": Well, we would, but there hasn't been anything particularly interesting to report. We got news today we've been named a finalist in quite a few Sunshine State SPJ awards, though, so that's fun.