Miami Beach Strip Club the Office Shut Down Amid Criminal Investigation

The Miami Beach location of one of Miami's most infamous strip clubs has been forced to shut its doors. Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales revoked the Office's business license yesterday after a person was injured during a shooting on Saturday. Employees at the club had also recently been arrested for selling drugs, illegally possessing firearms, and soliciting prostitution.

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The shooting incident happened on Saturday after a fight broke out in the club.

"Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop," witness Brigitte Andrade told CBS Miami while describing the scene. "We just heard shots fired. There must have been at least six or seven the first round. My friend actually thought it was fireworks. I said, 'No, that wasn't fireworks. That was gunshots,' so we came out on the balcony and we heard another clip go off, another six or seven shots. There must have been a total of at least 12 shots."

The shooting took place outside the club, and one person was injured. Bullet holes were also found in nearby businesses.

Miami Beach police had the club on their radar long before the shooting. According to Local 10, an ongoing criminal investigation led to the arrest of the five employees earlier this month.

Authorities also discovered that there was full nudity in the club, which is not permitted in Miami Beach.

"It is clear that this establishment has become a haven for violent felons, drug dealing, and illegal sexual activity," Morales said explaining the club's closing. "This kind of institution does not belong in any city and needed to be shut down."

The first Office Gentleman's club opened in Miami Gardens in 2010, and presented a smaller, rougher alternative to its glitzier neighbors like King of Diamonds and Tootsie's.

In 2012, a stripper was shot while working in the club.

A second location, dubbed the Office Falls, opened in Kendall. Back in April, a woman killed a man in that location's parking lot.

A third location in Miami Beach opened late last year, and like it siblings, now has a shooting incident of its own. The club's two other locations remain open.

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