Cam Cameron Wants to Get Fired, or Shived

I’m not on the Fire Cam Cameron bandwagon. Not yet anyway. Some might think I am because of my recent posts but, believe me, these here visceral ramblings are all good and balanced – like part of your complete breakfast! I am an equal opportunity ripper. I do everything in my power not to become part of the knee-jerk brigade or fall victim to the obtuse blathering of some of those fine folks (some of these commentators/message board brainiacs are actually blaming Cam for putting Zach Thomas on injured reserve. I shit you not).

That said, this isn’t going to win him any points with the furious throng calling for his head. And that group is growing daily by the thousands.

Holding seven starters off the practice field on a Wednesday when you’re winless and facing a division rival on the road is not going to keep the pitchfork and torches at bay.

Of course, these seven players could all be nursing one injury or another (which the Sun-Sentinel is assuming here), which wouldn’t be a shock given the way shit has gone down for us this season. Still, at this point, Cam needs to avoid any and all things that give the perception that he’s hanging out in his apartment, unshaven, crumbs of Mallomars and potato chips stains on his wife-beater and smelling of ass, instead of being in the practice bubble preparing for Buffalo.

Or, keeping with the consistency of the cluster fuck of this season, all seven of these guys may have spontaneously combusted. -- Chris Joseph

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