Is OJ Simpson a Pill Fiend or Just a Regular Ol' Miami Resident? Is There a Difference?

The National Enquirer is reporting that OJ Simpson is dealing with massive withdrawal symptoms in jail after being forced to cut back on his daily painkiller intake. Now, ok it's The friggin' Enquirer (where do they even fall on the credibility scale anymore? More or less than Perez Hilton? They were right on the John Edwards affair, so...), but allegations of drug use have plagued Simpson for years. Though, half of America is convinced that everyone in Miami is on drugs, and as OJ points out in a 2002 interview it's hard to live here and not run into a few drug dealers every now and then.

"You can't go to the bathrooms in [South Beach] clubs without somebody saying, 'Juice, you want a hit?' You always get people handing you something. It might be a line of coke with a phone number [in case] you want more,"

“[One] night, it was just pervasive. [So] you take it, put it in your pocket, drive home. Next day, I wake up and look over next to my bed. I had two things I assume were ecstasy pills, a couple of things I assume were cocaine, and one little package of pot. All of them had phone numbers on them. All I could think was, If I got stopped by the cops drivin’ home and told them I didn’t know that was in my pocket, who’s gonna believe that? Only way to avoid it is I don’t go to South Beach anymore!”

Though, drug rumors and allegations have piled up for years.

During the civil trial for the murder of his ex-wife and a friend, Faye Resnick testified that OJ kept a jar full of pill that he called a "Christmas tree." His Kendall home was raided in 2001 as part of an investigation into an Extasy smuggling ring, though Simpson was never charged. Then FBI documents surfaced in 2002 suggesting OJ used cocaine and had a drug dealer living in the guest house of his home. And a former friend published a book alleging that while stoned OJ admited to the murders.

Fox News has speculated that OJ has a habit (again, where do they fall on the credibility scale? More or less than the Enquirer?), and in 2006 the Enquirer previously alleged that OJ was addicted to OxyContin.

So is OJ a pill fiend, or do we believe his "hey, you can't live in Miami with out having some sort of connection to drugs" story?

--Kyle Munzenrieder