Jon Stewart Addresses the Rick Sanchez Controversy And Then Salvages The Guy's Career

Rick Sanchez's foot-in-mouth anti-Semitic tirade against Jon Stewart and The Daily Show left the world with two questions: 1) Is he gonna get fired? and 2) How much fun is The Daily Show going to have with this? The answers were "yes" and "a lot." Stewart ripped Sanchez apart last night, compared him to The Office's Michael Scott, attacked the media for their overblown coverage of the situation, and ended the segment by saying he doesn't believe Sanchez is an actual anti-Semite. For better or worse, Stewart may have just helped Sanchez's shots at eventually rehabilitating his career.

Here's the segment in full via Mediate:

It's nice to see that the whole nation knows what Miami New Times has been preaching since Sanchez's days ushering in the "If it bleeds, its leads" era of WSVN: the man is a blubbering idiot who unleashes a bunch of hot air, yet doesn't seem to have a lot of wind in his own sails.

Though, we also must agree with Stewart that in his heart of hearts, Sanchez is probably not a hateful anti-Semite. He just got caught up in a stream of his own gibberish fueled by bitterness towards Stewart and certain CNN executives he's felt belittled by.

In any event, Stewarts gracious "unbust"-ing of Sanchez greatly enhances the chances that the man may be able to salvage his career somehow and move beyond this episode.

Now, we're left with two new questions: 1) When will Sanchez himself break his silence? and 2) What's his next career move?