Charlie Crist Would Crush Rick Scott If He Ran As a Democrat in 2014

We don't believe a guy as politically ambitious as Charlie Crist would be happy for long at an ambulance-chasing law firm. Though, now that he's left the Republican party there are few clear paths for him to get back into any office. Unless, of course, he becomes a full-fledged Democrat. A new Public Policy poll shows that Crist would absolutely crush Gov. Rick Scott in 2014 if he ran for his old governor's seat as a Democrat.

PPP finds that while Scott's approval ratings have risen exactly 1 percent since March, his disapproval ratings have risen by four points. His split now sits at an eye-popping 33/59 approval versus disapproval.

Floridians chose Scott to lead the state last November by about a single percentage point, but if the election were held today, Democrat Alex Sink would win 57 percent to 35 percent. That's about as big of a landslide as you could get in statewide Florida politics. Only 68 percent of Republicans say they'd vote for Scott. Eighty-eight percent voted for him November.

If Charlie Crist were to run as a Democrat for governor against Rick Scott in 2012, Floridians would favor him by a similar 56 to 34 percent. Democrats seem warm to the idea of calling Crist their own. Forty-six percent say he should join the party. Only 18 percent wouldn't welcome him into the fold.

So, uh, basically we should all be preparing for a Charlie Crist vs. Alex Sink Democratic primary in 2014?

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