Rush Limbaugh Likes Marco Rubio, Chides Charlie Crist

Sad clown-like, professional radio shouter Rush Limbaugh is ready to declare "I like Rubio," but hasn't made a formal endorsement of everyone's favorite Floridian right winger.

"I've never met him, nor have I met Crist, but I know that there's a sea change brewing and effervescing in this country," Limbaugh told a Tallahassee radio station this morning.

While the man is capable of much more pointed words, his comments about Charlie Crist's recent political calculation weren't exactly praise: "I noticed that Crist is out there now, 'Hey what do you mean, who says I'm not conservative? I'm pro-life, I'm pro-gun, well I don't know what more I have to be, except angry.' That's not gonna sit well."

As far as the sea-change Limbaugh's talking about, he points to the fact that Sarah Palin's book sold 700,000 copies in its first week, and that there's a growing distaste for Republicans-In-Name-Only aka RINOs amongst the GOP Base.