LeBron James Hassled By Pack of 30 Browns Fans at Fancy SoBe Restaurant

LeBron James probably thought he had gotten the worst of it from still-seething Cleveland fans when he returned to town for the Heat's 118-90 demolition of the Cavaliers. He thought wrong. As fate or, well, the NFL schedule would have it, Sunday's game at Sun Life Stadium between the Browns and Dolphins meant that a lot of Cleveland fans were in town this weekend, and apparently James had a nasty run in with a wild pack of them while dining at a fancy restaurant on South Beach.

After the Heat's home victory against Atlanta, James retreated to Prime Italian, Myles Chefetz's Italian counterpart to famed steak house Prime One Twelve. James was dining with manager Maverick Carter inside the Ocean Drive restaurant when according to The New York Post 30 Browns fans spotted him.

They started chanting, "Traitor, Traitor," inside the fancy restaurant and were quickly asked to leave. I don't know what the manners standards are up in Ohio, but, damn, you don't break into juvenile sports chants in a joint that sells $30 meatballs down here. Have some class.

They were asked to leave, but actually stayed outside the restaurant in hopes of continuing their harassment of LeBron, and James had to sneak into his car to avoid them.

Let this be a lesson to LeBron. We know you're new here and still have a lot to learn, but if you want to avoid rowdy out-of-towners stay the hell away from Ocean Drive. It's like rule number one of Miami living. Yes, yes, Prime Italian is slightly away from the worst of OD, but there are enough fancy restaurants in other parts of town, so just avoid the tourist trap strip all together.