The Lead is Online

We were going to lead with a "You're starting a this economy?" type statement, but the publishers letter in the inaugural issue of The Lead Miami Beach beat us to it. Yep, the whole thing is online now

Basically, it's a redux of The SunPost circa 2008, which isn't necessarily a bad thing or much of a surprise considering much of the staff was responsible for The SunPost circa 2008. There's the same Miami Beach City Hall coverage mixed in with cultural reviews.

Angie Hargot is executive editor, Lee Molloy is senior writer. Dan Hudak covers films, John Hood contributes his book column, while Danny Brody does art. 

The site itself is similar to the SunPost's except snazzier looking and in blue, but hopefully it will deal with archived stories better. 

Congrats to all involved. The only question we have is: What, no blog?