Americans Hate LeBron James So Much That They Buy His Sneakers

He's a jerk. Filmmakers don't want him in their LeBron-themed movies. He somehow pissed off Taiwan. The Decision, The Decision, The Decision. LeBron James, as Riptide has reported countless times, is the most hated man in sports.

But damn, can the guy sell a shoe.

In spite of all the jersey burnings and negative press, Nike sold 500,000 pairs of the $160 Nike LeBron 8 sneakers in the 2010 fiscal year, according to shoe industry website Counterkicks. That's enough sneakers to stick one firmly in the rump of every single human who attended a Cavaliers game this season, with more than 175,000 to spare for Skip Bayless.

Let's see you do THAT, Dirk.

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