Suspected Coked-Up Tennis Player: Blame Bob Sinclar

The early rounds of the Sony Ericcson Open coincide with Winter Music Conference, and it was only a matter of time until the two events crossed paths in some sort of scandal. 

Sure enough, French tennis player Richard Gasquet tested positive for cocaine while in Miami. And whom does he blame? Bob Sinclar and friends.  

Ever since annoying pop-house hit "World, Hold On" became ubiquitous on Miami radio and in clubs, we've been decidedly anti-Sinclar, and look, folks, now he is contributing to the corruption of athletes. 

Gasquet pulled out early owing to an injury and then wound out up at Set Nightclub. (The AP calls it "Le Set." Although the place might be a bit pretentious, it's not snooty enough to add a random French definite article in front of the name.) Sinclar invited the tennis player to sit at his table. 

Gasquet found out cocaine was going around the table but claims to have left the club at 4 a.m. after indulging in only one vodka drink. He thinks the positive cocaine results might have come from someone spiking his drink, and the amount found in his body represents less than one-tenth of a line of cocaine. Gasquet isn't implicating Sinclar, but he is implying the DJ runs with a coke-happy crew. Then again, find us a DJ who doesn't and we'll show you a guy who plays "YMCA" at high school proms in the Midwest. 

He's fighting the charges, but if found guilty, he faces a two-year suspension from the WTA.