Ex-Husband of Real Housewive's Danielle Claims She Was an Escort to the Stars

The details of Real Housewives of New Jersey's star Danielle Staub time in Miami during the '80s just keeps getting more and more scandalous. Her ex-husband Kevin Maher, who she met at a drug party down here, sold his story to Star and claims that not only was Staub a stripper, but a high class prostitute as well. He later told Gawker that one of her clients was none other than Miami Vice star Don Johnson. Johnson responded that, "Not every guy who drove a Ferrari and didn't shave was me."

As for the coke dealer boyfriend who's kidnapping activities almost landed Staub in jail. Well, he wasn't small time. Maher claims he was a high level drug lord in Medallin, Colombia -- uh, yeah so he probably had some Escolar connections. 

Though, in order to keep her own ass out of jail Staub helped put her coke king ex behind bars in exchange for getting off with merely probation. 

Of course, that ex is out of jail and Maher fears that with her face all over television the guy might set for payback.