Gay Rights Leader Announced as Chair of McCollum Finance Committee; also includes Huizenga, Braman and Fanjul

The Buzz has the full list of members on the Bill McCollum for governor finance committee. It is a massive thing full of the state's top Republican business men, lawyers, lobbyists and other assorted movers and shakers. Then again, what do you expect on a finance committee? Though, you might not expect who's chairing the thing. 

Jonathan Kislak is the man on top of the committee. He also lad the Florida Red & Blue PAC that spearheaded the fight against Amendment Two, a ballot initiative that banned gay marriage and civil union in Florida last fall. 

Kislak, a Miami Shores resident who's principal of Antares Capitol Corp,, was also the finance chair for McCollum's Attorney General campaign and is a fervent supporter of Republicans.So it's not that surprising. (For the record, Kislak is not gay. He's just a proud parent.) 

Picking a pro-gay marriage leader for your finance committee may bring some interesting dynamics to McCollum's efforts to woo social conservative leaders. Then again, McCollum is"the new darling of the homosexual extremists," right Mel Martinez? Just kidding, let's not go down that road again. 

Other big local names on the committee include former-Blockbuster/Waste Managament/Miami pro-sports mogul Wayne Huizenga, auto king Norman Braman, and sugar baron Pepe Fanjul.