South Park Illustrates Our Worst Fears About Jersey Shore

When MTV announced Jersey Shore would film its second season in South Beach, Miami became the only place outside of Jersey to become infected by a Jersey-fied reality show. So last night's South Park, in which the mountain town is suddenly overrun by "cabbage-muffed" Jerseyites, hit close to home. The South Park residents might have taken their efforts to fend off the scourge to typically un-PC heights, but it wasn't that much different from the reaction Snooki and company received in Miami Beach.

Much like club owners tripped over themselves to ban the Jersey Shore cast (even clubs --  cough, cough, Mansion -- that just a few months earlier had paid cast members to appear) from their venues, the town declared resistance to the Jersey infestation. From the tone of some people, you would have thought we really were being invaded.

South Park also took some jabs at our beloved perfect princess of poofdom: Snooki. I'm not sure if the producers actually watch Jersey Shore, because if they had, they'd have known Angelina is actually the resident sad rodent monster.

The episode also lampooned Real Housewives of New Jersey and re-created the infamous dinner-table-flipping, "prostitution whore" incident.

The episode was at times funny but came off sort of lazy. Jumping on the "we hate Jersey" bandwagon isn't that creative, especially when in reality, everyone secretly loves these shows. There were no brilliant revelations to be made in the episode, and South Park didn't even spoof things such as "GTL" or fist pumping.

Plus we're kind of sad South Park blew its Real Housewives spoof load on this. A full-out Real Housewives of South Park probably would have been funnier, complete with Cartman devising a way to get on the show and taking on the evil Danielle Staub role. Cartman in drag always makes for a fun time. Whatever, whatever, I do what I want.