Random Kennedy Clan Member Reportedly Eyeing Governor Race

A Kennedy cousin is apparently mulling the idea of entering the family business by making a bid for Florida's Governor's mansion and challenging Florida CFO Alex Sink in the Democratic primary, according to Naked Politics

Anthony Shriver -- son of VP candidate Sergeant Shriver, brother of California first lady Maria Shriver and Santa Monica City Councilman Bobby Shriver, grandson of Ambassador Joe Kennedy, nephew of President JFK, Attorney General Bobby, Senator Teddy, and probably a few more, but you get the picture -- is the Kennedy in question. Naked Politics says he's quietly asking around about the idea. 

A Miami Beach Resident, Anthony is best known as the founder of Best Buddies International, and an activist for people with intellectual disabilities. His wife Alina, was born in Cuba. 

The Kennedy clan used to winter in Palm Beach -- sometimes notoriously so -- so the Family has roots in the state, just not thick political ones. 

Alex Sink, though, so far has a healthy war chest, even out raising leading Republican candidate Bill McCollum. Then again, Anthony probably has access to a Rolodex that most fundraisers could only dream of. A senate run would make more sense to us (that does seem to be the family business), and Democrat Meek isn't as established in that race as Sink is in hers. But who are we to tell a Kennedy what to do?