Charlie Crist Trails Rubio by 32 Points, Couldn't Even Win Back Governor's Seat as a Republican

Charlie Crist can talk about back waxing all he wants, but the polling situation he finds himself in is a hairy one.

According to a new poll by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-aligned pollster, Crist now trails Marco Rubio in the Senate Republican primary by an astounding 32 points, with 60 percent preferring Rubio and 28 percent still sticking with Crist. It's a 71-17 split among self-described conservative Republicans. And among voters who think Crist is "too liberal," Rubio leads 90 percent to only 5 percent.

Crist still leads among moderates 49-36, but they make up only 23 percent of Florida Republicans.

What's even more surprising is that if Crist decided to instead run for governor again, there's no guarantee he'd even win the Republican primary. Republicans prefer Bill McCollum by a wide 49-35 margin. Fifty-six percent of Republicans say they'd like to see Crist out of office completely in one year. Ouch.

PPP indicates that numbers it'll release tomorrow show that at this point Crist is actually more popular among Democrats than Republicans.