Katy Sorenson: A Good Lady Steps Away From the Game

Can't blame Commissioner Katy Sorenson for calling it a day. Sixteen years is a long

 time to spend battling the unreformable majority on the county commission.

For a decade and a half, Sorenson has consistently been the voice of ethical reason on an elected body that has often voted in favor of controversial legislation, to the detriment of residents.

Fighting with politicians who defy reform at every turn takes its toll. She led the charge to stop a commercial airport from being built between two of South Florida's most precious assets, Biscayne and Everglades national parks. She stuck her neck out to ensure gay men and women were treated equally in Miami-Dade. Her list of accomplishments is spectacular.

With her departure, it will be difficult to find someone to step up and fight for Miami-Dade citizens the way she has. I'm hoping I'm wrong.