Matthew Bellamy, Guy Who Wore LeBron Jersey to Indians Game, Sees Invitation Rescinded By Heat

From denying us an interview with Banana Man, to issuing an all-expenses-paid invitation to The Guy Who Wore a Heat LeBron Jersey to a Cleveland Indians Game, to rescinding said invitation, is anybody else getting the feeling that the Miami Heat's PR office is a very bizarre place?

Just hours after it was first reported that Bellamy was headed to Miami-- he wrote on his Facebook page: "Yeah, its a night named after me get to meet the team, all expenses are paid for!! Cant wait super excited"-- the Heat essentially yelled, "Psych!" Here's their statement, as first posted by the Cleveland Scene's Vince Grzegorek, who's all over this story:

An invitation was prematurely extended to him prior to the approval process being completed. Once Management became aware of this, it was decided that this is not something we wanted to do.

Talk about crushing a young attention whore's dream.